About Me

Since I was young I’ve loved and worked with animals. I grew up on a farm  and worked with Cows, Sheep, Horses and Dogs - my dream was to become a vet (which I had to give up fairly early in life as I wasn't going to get the qualifications). My next dream was to become a Jump jockey but when I grew to 6ft this also became a non starter.

As a child we had numerous dogs which I looked after - we had a number of Jack Russell Terriers, an Airdale, A Highland Terrier, a Beagle, Lurchers and Whippets (but not all at the same time).

I began walking Dogs about 20yrs ago when I came back from America and settled in the Dulwich area. I cover large part of the South East but try to keep dog walking to parks that are fenced in such as Dulwich and Brockwell Parks and parts of Streatham Common. Covering Southwark, Lambeth and parts of Croydon, Lewisham and Wandsworth

I pride myself on the high-standard of care and services that I offer. I have a number of dogs who have become more like family,

I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon.